Hello and welcome to Heävy Mëntal Herö!

My name is René, I’m a comic-artist/iIlustrator from Belgium and this is my creation. It all started many years ago as a project for school, several years ago I remade some pages and now finally (in these crazy times we’re living in), I wan’t to tell all the story because I believe it’s worth it!

This comic is free to read,  here on heavymentalhero.com, on Patreon,  and in another form also on Webtoons and sometimes even on Twitch, at a publishing rate of 3-4 pages per month.

The story is about a young man named Steve, who still has life ahead of him, about a disappointed love and the path to faith…going through lots of blood and violence.

A social satire that doesnt take itself seriously and underlines the absurdity of the whole thing, through an exaggerated depiction of violent actions.
An escalation of the psyche is described in a satirical way. An “outburst” of epic proportions with a hellish rhythm and a heavenly finale.

Oh, for the version published here and elsewhere too, there won’t be rivers of blood (“What? But that’s what I didn’t paid for!”).
In fact there won’t be any blood at all!
Instead, there’ll be some original “censorship”.
It’s not meant to offend, so please keep in mind it’s a satire.
But I have already plans for what I call a “Happy Gore Edition“…

First things first, if you enjoy Heävy Mëntal Herö, great, I also have fun writing and drawing.
Unfortunately, you can’t just live from the fun alone.

To continue I need YOU to join the fun.

If you think Heävy Mëntal Herö is awesome, what else can you do?

Patreon would be the easiest way to contribute!
But it doesn’t have to be about money, even if that’s basically always the biggest issue with this art form.
If you can’t afford to spend a few €/$ per month on this “service”, that’s fine, but it would rock if you could do some “advertising” instead.
Talk about HMH, share it, show your enthusiasm (if there is some ^^’).

That’s all for now, I hope you’re having a great time 😉

Let’s rock!! \m/